Project in a nutshell

RERAM  =  Resource Efficiency and RAw Material use of woodworking industries in
Eastern Europe (ENP)

State of play

The growing demand for raw wood material in the EU increases pressure on forest resources...

Vision & Objectives

RERAM improves Resource Efficiency and Raw Material consumption of the forest-based sector...

Outcomes & Impacts

RERAM raises awareness on the benefits of resource efficiency and demonstrates technical and...

Support & Partners

The RERAM project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under the grant agreement no. 609573.

The RERAM consortium:

RERAM : Bridging Gaps in Research 2 Innovation in Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials

Key facts

RERAM is an international cooperation project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission in the field of climate protection, resource efficiency and raw materials. It is one of the few FP7-INCO projects addressing the forest-based sector (forestry, woodworking, furniture, paper, bioenergy).

The main objective is to reinforce cooperation and coordination of research and technological innovation between the EU and countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy programme especially in Eastern Europe.




01/06/2014 – 31/05/2016 (2 years)




Total 1.3 million EUR
EC contribution 990,250 EUR

(FP7 Grant agreement no. 609573)



11 partners in 9 countries
EU: Germany, Belgium, Austria, Poland
ENP countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan






Wald-Zentrum / IIWH -

International Institute of Forestry and Wood Industries e.V.

University of Münster, Germany


RERAM raises awareness on the benefits of resource efficiency and demonstrates technical and organisational solutions for companies. With instructive enterprise checks, trainings, coaching and a broad dissemination, the project targets entrepreneurs and intermediaries to propose pathbreaking new pilot projects.


To valorise synergies and enhance the outreach in the region, the project links to various actors and on-going initiatives. Strengthening domestic potentials of woodworking SMEs, RERAM contributes to sustainable growth, vital employment and climate change adaptation in the forest-based sector of the ENP region.

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