Project in a nutshell

RERAM  =  Resource Efficiency and RAw Material use of woodworking industries in
Eastern Europe (ENP)

State of play

The growing demand for raw wood material in the EU increases pressure on forest resources...

Vision & Objectives

RERAM improves Resource Efficiency and Raw Material consumption of the forest-based sector...

Outcomes & Impacts

RERAM raises awareness on the benefits of resource efficiency and demonstrates technical and...

Support & Partners

The RERAM project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under the grant agreement no. 609573.

The RERAM consortium:

Foundation of the Forest Sector Council of the Lviv Region, Ukraine, 12 Oct 2016

The newly founded Council of the Forest Sector of the Lviv Region in Ukraine has started its activity under the umbrella of the Lviv Regional State Administration. The Council was created on the initiative of several partners of the RERAM consortium and supported through the project activities. Its main mission is to coordinate a strategic joint initiative of all subindustries and promote sustainable growth and development in the Carpathian forest-based sector.


Picture: DOMV 2016

The foundation of the Council is a very important step for the Carpathian region of Western Ukraine, because it is the first time in Ukraine that the whole forest-based secor is addressed in a comprehensive initiative, instead of only sinlge separate industries. The sector includes forestry, woodworking industries, furniture manufacturing, pulp and paper industries and non-wood forests products, and is of main economic importance in the region.


At the first meeting of Council,  Mr. Rostyslav Zemlynskyy, Vice-governor of the Lviv Regional State Administration, was elected by the 21 members as Chief of the Council. Prof. Orest Kiyko of UNFU was elected as Deputy Chief of the Council.


The future activity of the Council includes the elaboration of a joint strategy for sector development, the analyses of wood resourses, their use and sustanable management, and the elaboration of targeted measures to stimulate the activities of enterprises in the sector. The Council is expected to establish a springboard for various innovative projects in the region.





Prof. Dr. Orest Kiyko
Head of the Furniture and Wooden Articles Technology Department
Ukrainian National Forestry University (UNFU)
tel. +38-032-238-4504