Project in a nutshell

RERAM  =  Resource Efficiency and RAw Material use of woodworking industries in
Eastern Europe (ENP)

State of play

The growing demand for raw wood material in the EU increases pressure on forest resources...

Vision & Objectives

RERAM improves Resource Efficiency and Raw Material consumption of the forest-based sector...

Outcomes & Impacts

RERAM raises awareness on the benefits of resource efficiency and demonstrates technical and...

Support & Partners

The RERAM project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under the grant agreement no. 609573.

The RERAM consortium:

Joint UNECE-FAO/RERAM Event in Georgia, 23 Apr 2015

Capacity building for Sustainable Forest Management and Resource Efficiency in the Caucasus and Central Asia






The UNECE-FAO Timber Committee and the RERAM consortium organized a joint event in Tbilisi/Georgia, to provide a platform for networking and exchange among initiatives and stakeholders in the region. 40 experts from 18 countries participated in the event.


The event addressed key challenges and opportunities to promote enhanced forestry and develops joint recommendations for forest-based policy and sector initiatives to increase the supply of sustainably produced forest products in the Caucasus and Central Asia region.


Main topics

  • Sustainable Forest Management (SFM): Forest Resources, Reduced Impact Logging, Non-wood Forest Products (NWFP), Fuelwood, Forest Conservation
  • Wood Processing and Products: Resource Use and Energy Efficiency, Cleaner Production, Raw Materials, Solid Wood Products, Vocational Education and Training
  • Forest-based Markets: Sector Development, Internationalisation, Cluster Management, Innovation Support, Industrial Policy, Certification, Carbon Markets, Ecotourism


>>>  Joint Event Agenda <<< 


The event was co-organized together with the UNECE-FAO ENP Capacity Building project, which addresses the seven target countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.


The joint event maximized interaction between the participants of both projects, with introductory presentations followed by open debate on the challenges, then group analysis leading to tactics to address the challenges which were presented for peer review. The key results of the deidacted team effort comprise a comprehensive SWOT analysis and a list of dedicated recommendations per the three topic lines.


Presentations by RERAM partners:

Uwe Kies. RERAM project general introduction [EN] >>> [RU version].

Orest Kiyko. Challenges of Resource Efficiency in Wood Industries – UA perspective.

Ewa Ratajczak. Challenges of International Forest Products Markets – EU perspective.


Further results to be published soon.


UNECE-FAO and RERAM team members at an excursion to a woodworking enterprise in Kutaisi, Georgia




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REC Caucasus

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