The RERAM project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under the grant agreement no. 609573.




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RERAM Handbook

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Handbook for Resource and Energy Efficiency in

Forest-based Industries of Eastern Europe



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Project Reports

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Final Summary Report



ENP-EaP Forest-based Sector Study (D2.3: Kiyko et al. 2016)



Benchmark Meta-Study (D3.1: Kolck et al. 2015)



Reality Checks (D3.2: Angerbauer et al. 2016)



R2I Dialogues (D4.2: Kies et al. 2016)



Wood Innovation Toolkit (D4.3: Oberwimmer et al. 2016)



R2I Strategies and Exploitation Plan (D5.2: Kies & Suitner 2016)



Final Conference Proceedings (D6.3: Kies at al. 2016)



Dissemination kit

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Project factsheet - 2 pages









Project presentation - PDF, 16 slides


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Project presentation - Powerpoint, 16 slides


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Dissemination Kit - all PDF in one ZIP-file   ZIP                



Video + Audio

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RERAM Videoclip - Project presentation


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RERAM Podcast - German radio feature at Deutschlandfunk       Deutsch           Download deutsch