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RERAM belongs to a cluster of EU funded FP7-INCO projects supporting the link between...

IIWH International Institute of Forestry and Wood Industries e.V. (Coordinator)

The Wald-Zentrum / IIWH is a German competence centre in forestry, wood-based industries...


The RERAM project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under the grant agreement no. 609573.

Efficiency Checks of Woodworking SMEs

RERAM's ‘Enterprise Efficiency Check’ carried out with a group of SMEs in the ENP target region delivers a systematic screening of raw material performance and potentials in resource and energy efficiency of woodworking industries. The survey will uncover the specific enterprise-level needs for research and innovation.


RERAM targets gaps in the R2I knowledge chain from a strong enterprise level perspective. The forest-based industrial sector is a major segment of raw material extracting industries. Its contribution to economic growth and sustainable development could substantially grow if fostered through more intensive, coordinated regional to international collaboration. 


Based on the comprehensive evidence collected through the enterprise check, a set of technological-logistical measures is developed specifically for the companies needs, which can unlock significant potentials and upgrade the companies' current low rate of efficiency. This toolkit proposed to companies offers practical low-threshold solutions that are flexible and adaptable to the common challenges of forest-based industries in ENP countries. 



Enterprise checks of Ukrainian wood industries by efficiency experts, Oct 2014 

Performing a thorough benchmarking of companies and clusters against the international state-of-the-art, RERAM weighs challenges and competitive opportunities for business development in resource efficiency. The SMEs engaged in RERAM benefit from the project through:

  • an initial questionnaire survey,
  • in-depth reality checks of selected companies,
  • interactive follow-up training and coaching of entrepreneurs and intermediaries,
  • project-related outputs and dissemination, e.g. the final toolkit and handbook, cluster support activities and networking, broad display on international platforms. 

Further info on the participating companies will be provided at a later point during the project.

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