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The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country endowed with rich agricultural resources, located in Eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine. It has a land area of 33,800 km² and a population of 3.6 million. The capital city is Chișinău and the largest city with a population of 804,500.


The country aspires to join the European Union and, to this end, has implemented an initial three-year action plan within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).


Agriculture comprises 77% of the land, whereas forests cover only 11% or 386,000 ha with a total growing stock of only 47.6 million m³. Insufficient forest cover has been a major cause for a high level of soil erosion, landslides, water degradation and droughts.


Moldova physical map (Source: Ezilon - click to enlarge)

 Sources: FAO, ENPI-FLEG 

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