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Wielkopolska, Poland



Wielkopolska Province (Voivodeship), located in central-western Poland, has a territory of 29,800 km² and a population of 3.3 million (pop. density 113 inh. per km²). Its capital is Poznan (population 550,000).


Wielkopolska is a dynamic economic region with low levels of unemployment, generating around 9% of the Polish GDP. Its geographical location on the European continent makes it a natural platform between East and West Europe.


Forests cover 787,000 ha or 27% of the land area. The growing forest stock figures 189 million m³ and the annual harvest is around 3.5 million m³. Forestry employs some 3,900 people.


Figure. Poland landcover map (click to enlarge)

The wood industries count 7,400 companies, dominated by SMEs.The region ranks first among the Polish provinces in terms of employment and sold production. Wielkopolska is a major region for furniture production in the European context.

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